Urban Harvest Eastside Market: the BPTL’s Sunday home


It’s been about five months now since we started parking at the Urban Harvest Eastside Market on Sundays.  While our attendance has been far from perfect, Urban Harvest has quickly become our favorite and most consistent stop.  Since we started up, it’s been important for us to be open on Sundays, since Houston has, for whatever reason(s), something of a deficiency of libraries that are open to the public on Sundays.  So it’s nice to have somewhere that we can reliably park, where the community knows they can find us (map).

It’s just icing on the cake that our fellow Sunday market vendors are so friendly, so talented at their respective crafts, and so darn generous.  Most of us have stuck it out through the new market’s growing pains, and while there is still room for growth, it has slowly but surely become a full-fledged go-to weekly market.  If you hop on our truck at the right time (say, noonish), you’ll catch us eating an inspired meal from Oddball Eats (who also catered our wedding), or Ripe Cuisine, or Blackbird Foods, or Canopy.  There’s a different live music act every week, all the fresh produce you could ask for, juice, popcorn, canned goods, the works.  There’s a Children’s Gardening Series every second Sunday, and we tend to have a craft on the truck to accompany it.  In sum, it is a perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

As a way of giving back to the vendors and staff, we have begun offering them a $5 discount on membership (similar to our donation policy, minus the donations).  Effectively, this means that each vendor/staff member is entitled to borrow one item from our collection at a time completely free of charge.  If they’d like to borrow more than one item at a time, the cost of membership would be $5 annually for two items at a time, up to $15 annually for five items at a time.

The Urban Harvest Eastside Market runs every Sunday from 11am-3pm.  We hope to see you out there some time.


One thought on “Urban Harvest Eastside Market: the BPTL’s Sunday home

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