The BPTL & the Tralfamadorian Exhibit: Together at Last (and Forever)

We here at the BPTL are strong advocates of something we call “the serendipity of browsing” – the idea that you step onto our truck looking for nothing in particular, and walk off with a book (or album, or film) that you didn’t necessarily know you wanted to experience before you stepped on.  We’ve even tried to emulate the experience of serendipitously browsing our shelves with our electronic catalog.

But really, this whole project has a serendipity about it.  Kelly and I met by serendipity.  We found our truck by serendipity.  You (patron) more than likely stumbled upon our truck by serendipity – while shopping on 19th street or a Farmers Market, or because we were retweeted by Flip ‘n Patties.  Even if you’re looking for a specific book (say, To Kill a Mockingbird) and we happen to have a copy on our shelves, and you’re not really interested in how we operate and just don’t want to have to drive all the way to Half Price Books, twas serendipity that brought you to that book.

And twas serendipity that brought us to this:


Last week we received a message from the founder of Invest in Houston, David A. Brown, the subject of which read, “serendipitous connection with Billy.”  As it happened, he had been sitting at a red light discussing with his friend the upcoming installation at his Spring Street Studios space, micro scope 1824, when we (in our moving billboard) drove by.  The installation is a sculpture piece by local artist Ian Anderson, called Tralfamadorian Exhibit.  If the name didn’t give it away, Anderson’s work “is loosely based on the ideas of author Kurt Vonnegut and the journey of his character, Billy Pilgrim, in his book, Slaughterhouse-5.”  So yeah, ‘serendipitous’ is the appropriate word there.

Only in Houston.

David went on to invite us to be a part of the opening reception at Spring Street Studios on Saturday, September 21st from 6-8pm, and we were more than happy to oblige.

As part of this partnership, we will be working with David and Invest in Houston to collect copies of Slaughterhouse-Five (or, The Children’s Crusade: A Duty-Dance with Death) to give away to attendees at the opening reception.  So if in these waning days of summer you happen to stumble upon a copy of Slaughterhouse-Five that you (for whatever reason) don’t want, please feel free to drop it with us.  Bring four or more items to donate with it and we’ll give you a $5 discount on membership.

We’ll have some (to be determined) other Vonnegut-related activities going on (we’ve always wanted to put this on the rear-end of our truck), so stay tuned for that.

We couldn’t be more excited to be a part of this.  Houston, we are doing KV proud.


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