Help Fund Houston Makerspace!

(NOTE: The author of this post can no longer offer his support for Houston Makerspace. My relationship with HMS’ founder was built entirely on potential, and promises. And unfortunately, potential was left unrealized, and promises were not kept. Worse, they never even sent me my reward for contributing $100 to the crowdfunding campaign that I helped them publicize in this blog post, which can be read in full below.)

Our friends at Houston Makerspace are in the midst of a large-scale crowdfunding campaign to secure a physical location and begin the buildout of the makerspace.

Makerspaces (also known as hackerspaces or fab labs) come in all shapes and sizes, and increasingly find themselves coupled with libraries, due to their common initiatives of community and information sharing.  Houston Makerspace aspires to be “a large workspace that will include a wood shop, metal shop, rapid prototyping lab (which includes a laser cutter and 3D printers), textiles and sewing lab, screen printing studio, jewelry shop, commercial kitchen, coworking space and artists studios.”  Their mission is “to provid[e] tools, resources, education and community for makers of all mediums and skill levels in an atmosphere that encourages creativity and innovation.”  It is hard not to get behind these objectives.

Given the magnitude of this project, Houston Makerspace needs your (and our) help: via funding, file sharing, and/or word of mouth.  Please take a few moments to watch the above video and consider contributing to HMS’ Indiegogo campaign.  There are a lot of sweet perks for contributing, and you’ll be helping to create the space that Houston makers deserve.


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