The BPTL is Style Cycle’s July “Give it Away” Organization!


We love Style Cycle.  They were the third business we ever worked with, and the first one that really stuck.  For four months now, Allison has welcomed us back to park in front of her business again and again.  For a while we were so commonly parked there on Sundays that we started calling it “Style Cycle Sunday”.  We even have an ongoing partnership where obtaining membership with the BPTL earns you a $5 discount on a $30 purchase at Style Cycle.  They’ve been good to us.

But now, just to really outdo themselves, Style Cycle has selected us to be their July “Give it Away” organization.  Not unlike the BPTL, Style Cycle relies on community donations to help fill its space.  As a means of giving back, each month Style Cycle selects a local charity or organization and tags donated items with that organization’s name.  As those items sell over the next several months, the organization receives 25% of the proceeds.

BPTL Poster

It’s a great deal, and we’re thrilled to be included.  We’re very gracious to Allison and Style Cycle for thinking of us.

How can you get involved?  At some point in the month of July, donate something to Style Cycle (map).  Allison says you can feel free to bring anything, that she’ll donate stuff she doesn’t want to Salvation Army.  But I’d suggest taking a look at their website before packing your car too tightly.  Style Cycle is a wonderful vintage store filled with clothing, accessories, housewares, and art, though you’re never quite sure what exactly you’re going to find there.

at style cycleimage (2)

In conjunction with this program, the BPTL will be holding a couple of book drives outside of Style Cycle.  These will be on Friday, July 5th and Friday, July 19th, both from noon-4pm.

This will be a great opportunity to take advantage of our new policy:  Bring in 5 or more donations, and receive a $5 discount on your annual membership fee (effectively, the one-item plan would be free, the five-item plan $15).  If you’re already a member, you can bring in 5+ donations and we’ll up your plan by one for free.

During these two stops, Style Cycle will be offering an additional perk to donating 5 or more items to the BPTL: a 10% discount at their store.

BPTL Book Raiser

Donate local: vintage goods to Style Cycle; books, music, and movies to the BPTL.  Community donations are the reason our shelves look like this:

image (1)



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