UP Art Studio presents Reality Klash!


Join us this Saturday, April 13th from 6-10pm for UP Art Studio‘s Reality Klash!  Located in the Sunset Heights (6521 N. Main St., Houston, TX  77009), UP Art Studio is “a temporary artist space donated by an anonymous patron who believes in supporting all facets of the arts” which celebrates and showcases ‘Graffiti & Aerosol Art’ as “a true art form.”

We’re excited to be making our debut at UP Art Studio at this Saturday’s one-night-only event, Reality Klash.  “The show will feature seasoned graffiti artists Statik, Gape, Gnee, and Cujo from the city of Chicago’s RK Crew (www.RKcrew.com), and WermOne from Chicago’s 312 Crew, with fresh beats by Craig ‘BBC’ Long, beer donated by Karbach Brewing Company, and food available by Golden Grill food truck.”  More information on the event here.

We’ve been looking to have some literary graffiti done to our truck since we got it.  Parking at this event will help show our support for street art culture while we rub elbows with the artists themselves, perhaps at a venue where, eventually, we can have work done to our truck.  And if we play our cards right, maybe we can convince them to trade their work for the utilization of our space as a pop-up gallery.


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