The BPTL Profiled for the Boing Boing LibraryLab & Link Round-Up

Yesterday, our highly anticipated profile for Boing Boing‘s LibraryLab went live.  A special thanks to Derek Attig of Bookmobility and Library Boing Boing for their interest and the tremendous amount of exposure the profile has accorded us.  Derek did a beautiful job writing the piece, called Time-Traveling Librarians from Outer Spa… from Texas, and it is well worth your time.

He concludes the piece by mentioning our crowdfunding effort and emphasizing what we mean when we say that we are “Your bookmobile”:

“As an organization that relies on donations and crowdfunding,” [Chris and Kelly] told me, “we are also literally owned by anyone who contributes, spreads the word, and visits us.”

So here I am, spreading the word! Surely that earns me deputy time-traveling librarian status, right? What can you do to join me as we travel time and space, or at least Texas, promoting libraries and sharing books?

We are glad to have Derek and beaucoup other Boing Boingers on board!  It is great to have had such positive feedback, and your contributions are very much appreciated.

Due this profile, several other sites from around the Web have jumped on the BPTL bandwagon (so to speak) to help garner interest in our project.  What follows is a round-up of other sites that have helped contribute to this page’s traffic:


Thank you to all of you!  We were also approached by Library Journal for an interview, so be on the lookout for that as well in the coming days.  Cheers!


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