Announcing our upcoming book drive!

Gallipolis, OH, to Houston, TX



Bad puns aside, we are 41 days away from flying to Ohio to claim our bookmobile.  We’re taking full advantage of our Thanksgiving breaks, sacrificing two wonderful Thanksgiving meals with family, and driving the BTPL back to Houston from Gallipolis, Ohio.  We plan to stop in Louisville, Nashville, Memphis, and Little Rock.  Our hope is that we can pick up some donations along the way to add to our collection – that’s where the “book drive” comes in!

If you are in the areas we’ll be driving through or know people in these areas, help spread the word!  Leave us a comment here or send us an email (thebptl at gmail dot com) and we’ll gladly take some books off your hands for a great cause.

While we are 41 days away from our road trip, we are only 31 days away from the end of our IndieGoGo campaign.  We truly appreciate each donation, each reshare, and every word of encouragement and would love to end our campaign with a bang.  So help it happen: share this blog, donate to our IndieGoGo, share our IndieGoGo, follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, and help get the word out!




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